21 Blended Learning Series – What will my blend be?

Before Attending the Session


If you are pressed for time, focus on the following:

Prepare (Download & Complete):

During the Session

NOTE: Please bring a laptop or other digital device which can connect to the internet. Please also ensure you have access to a copy of your course outline or syllabus.

The slides for this workshop are available here.

During this session we will discuss some of the following questions for consideration:

  • Is it most helpful to think of blended learning as an online enhancement to a face-to-face learning environment, a face-to-face enhancement to an online learning environment, or as something else entirely?
  • In what ways can blended learning courses be considered the “best of both worlds” (i.e., face-to-face and online)? What could make blended learning the “worst of both worlds?”
  • As you consider designing a blended learning course, what course components are you open to implementing differently than you have in the past? How will you decide which components will occur online and which will take place face-to-face? How will you manage the relationship between these two modalities?
  • How often will you meet with students face-to-face? How many hours per week will students be engaged online, and how many hours per week will students meet face-to-face? Is the total student time commitment consistent with the total time commitment of comparable courses taught in other modalities (e.g., face-to-face)?

In the latter half of the workshop we will work on conceptualizing your course in a blended format. We’ll operationalize this a bit by working on two documents:

  1. Course Blueprint
  2. Mix Map


This workshop outline is a remix containing materials licensed under a variety of open licenses including:

  • derivative work of content from The BlendKit Reader, edited by Dr. Kelvin Thompson, available under a CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license
  • original content written by JR Dingwall, from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, at the University of Alberta


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