23 Blended Learning Series: Mixing Assessments

Before the Session


If you are pressed for time, focus on the following:

  • Formal Assessments (est. 10 minutes)
    • Online Asynchronous Expression in Blended Learning
    • Face-to-Face Synchronous Expression in Blended Learning

Prepare (Download & Complete):

  • Creating Blended Assignment Instructions
    • You will need access to this guide and at least one of the assignments from your course.
  • Assessment Plan Worksheet
    • This worksheet will help you align the learning outcomes in your course to the types of assessments, the weighting, and identify the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy most represented in your assessments.

During the Session

NOTE: Please bring a laptop or other digital device which can connect to the internet. Please also ensure you have access to a copy of your course outline, and at least one assessment/assignment you currently use in your course.

The slides for this workshop will be available here during and after the session.

During this session we will discuss some of the following questions for consideration:

  • How much of the final course grade do you typically allot to testing? How many tests/exams do you usually require? How can you avoid creating a “high stakes” environment that may inadvertently set students up for failure/cheating?
  • What expectations do you have for online assessments? How do these expectations compare to those you have for face-to-face assessments? Are you harboring any biases?
  • What trade-offs do you see between the affordances of auto-scored online quizzes and
    project-based assessments? How will you strike the right balance in your blended learning course?
  • How will you implement formal and informal assessments of learning into your blended learning course? Will these all take place face-to-face, online, or in a combination?



This workshop outline is a remix containing materials licensed under a variety of open licenses including:

  • derivative work of content from The BlendKit Reader, edited by Dr. Kelvin Thompson, available under a CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 license
  • original content written by JR Dingwall, from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, at the University of Alberta


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